The Proper Application and Use of Synthol

Use and Application

When the proper usage of Synthol™ is followed as described below, muscle groups rapidly enhance in appearance, mass,  and shape. If the protocol is followed, the end result is a perfect aesthetic muscular physique.

Proper usage of Synthol:

Proper usage of Synthol can be used for two purposes – to increase the size of a muscle or muscle to shape.

Other bodybuilders use 1 ml per muscle 3 times a week during the first week, followed by 2 ml per muscle 3 times a week and second week of 3 ml per muscle 3 times a week the third week. This is followed by one or two weeks vacation after the usage pattern is repeated.

The fastest way to increase your muscle to maximum size is following the rules below:

1 ml per muscle head every day for 10 days

2 ml per muscle head every day for 10 days

3 ml per muscle head every day for 10 days

Tips For the Best Synthol Application

You have to massage the area where synthol use fairly intensely. You have to make sure that there is no lump forming. The muscle should always be smooth. You should NEVER have a lump.

It’s also a good idea to use just before going to the gym, so as soon as you get to the gym, you should make a slight couple sets high reps for muscle, to get the blood moving. Again, this also will minimize lump formation. Remember, if a lump forms because you did not massage the treated muscle, scar tissue will form as well. And you want to avoid scar tissue at all costs!

You want to prevent scar tissue at all costs. Furthermore, to minimize scar tissue build, use very slowly at first, while building up the dose. If you find that you cannot completely massage away the lump, but you are due for another application, hold on  until your massaging makes the lump disappear finally (it should not be more than a couple of days) and then resume from where you left off.

If you have all the size you want and just want to shape muscles, such as the addition of a peak of the biceps, then apply synthol at the peak of muscle with 1 ml every day or every other day until the peak you want.

What I recommend to people who are starting out using these oils is to use 1 ml per head of muscle per day or every other day, for a week or so and see how they react to it. That way they can judge how many ml used for muscle head and how often.

Synthol Best Used To Enhance and Define Smaller Muscle Groups

BICEPS – head of interior and exterior. You can feel the division ‘between the two heads of the biceps when he sits with the other hand. Apply on each side of it. If you want to increase the length / thickness of the biceps, apply more in the inner header (closer to the body). If you want to increase the peak, use more in the outer head.

TRICEPS – No need to use into the outer head / horseshoe, unless very far behind. Use into the middle and posterior heads of the triceps. In general, in the back of their arm, the top is the rear head and the bottom is the head means as the two heads overlap each other slightly.

CALVES – natural calves, no matter how big they are, have a flat ‘appearance of the muscle. So you want to keep that look, you do not want to have their calves looking around as if someone hit an air hose in there. Thus, used into multiple shots, at the outer edges of the muscle. That makes the calf go outward, keeping the flat and natural appearance.