Why is Synthrol 877 the best bodybuilding site enhancement oil ?

Synthol Rx’s Premium Synthol Formula – 100mL

Synthol Rx’s is a premium site enhancing oil formula made in the USA that could be also known as posing oil. Synthol has been used by professional and amateurs bodybuilders worldwide for many decades to enhance a certain body part such as arms, shoulders, calves, trapezium and even quadriceps. Posing oil is often used prior to a competition to rapidly enhance an athlete’s physique but it can also be used for long term muscle gains with our protocol.

Our unique formula was created for bodybuilders by bodybuilders. With years of research and testing we believe that we created the best site enhancing oil available on the market. Synthol Rx is made and shipped from USA from the finest and purest USP ingredients that will produce durable and quality results.

The Synthrol 877 formula is safe, legal, and the most effective muscle oil ever made.

The HardCore Truth About Synthol

If there is one sport that is filled with misconceptions and rumors, it’s bodybuilding. Because everyone has their own personal beliefs and practices, it can be extremely hard to sift through the noise to find out what product is actually best for you.

Site enhancement oils are not immune to speculation and misconceptions. Thanks to a few people who, essentially, abused and misused site enhancement oils, most people have a negative association with site enhancement oils. There are many myths — and a few rotten apples — that have confused many in the bodybuilding community about site enhancement oils.

Today, we are going to be clearing up some of these myths while also reviewing a variety of different types of site enhancement oils. While many people in the bodybuilding community can recognize synthol as one of the biggest — and worst — site enhancement oils, we are here to provide you with more information than what you get from the local news and other bodybuilding forums.

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The purpose of high-quality site enhancement oils is to stretch that fascia of the muscles to allow for more muscle growth. One of the main limiting factors in muscle growth is the thin, yet durable and inelastic, sheath that covers muscles. Think of it as a tight and inelastic bag that contains your muscles.

What does this mean for your training routine and your performance?

Ultimately, site enhancement oils allow you to fill in newly created space. This means that you may be able to see more muscle growth and physical gains from your training routine. If you follow proper site enhancement oil protocol, you can see lasting gains that go beyond just the initial swelling of your muscles due to the oil.

Many folks in the bodybuilding community use synthol and site enhancement oil interchangeably. In some cases, you might be right using the term site enhancement oil to describe synthol; however, it is incorrect to refer to site enhancement oil as synthol.

Synthol was a specific combination of certain oils and drugs that became popular in the 1980s. Most site enhancement oils at that time were certainly some kind of synthol product. The cocktail of chemicals that defined synthol was sterilized oil, alcohol, and lidocaine.

Many bodybuilders at the time enjoyed using synthol, while some weren’t happy with the results. One of the most honest and down-to-earth people to talk about synthol is Kenneth “Flex” Wheeler. Wheeler didn’t like synthol because he didn’t like the results. Rich Piana was also noted for trying synthol. Piana eventually ditched synthol because it provided more bulk than it did definition.

Synthol is just one type of site enhancement oil. Synthol tends to be one of the least effective site enhancement oils because of the intense pain and swelling associated with it — that’s why they put lidocaine in it. Synthol creates massive swelling, especially when it is abused. Eventually, the swelling gives way to cysts and calcification that can cause irreversible damage to the muscle tissue. Not all site enhancement oils have this side effect.